Meet Annike

Annike is our Competition and Ground Manager at King George Park.

Each match day, Annike will be onsite and on hand. She’ll supply equipment, balls and bibs and answer your questions to ensure everything runs smoothly.

She is also behind registration, draws and scores. For any issues or questions you can phone her (0411 086 100) or send an email to

Football NSW backed

King George Park Summer Soccer is sanctioned and insured by Football NSW, so players (and parents) have peace of mind.

What’s more, each game will be overseen by a CRA referee with the result and competition ladder updated and posted each Wednesday evening.

 Game Day

Relaxed feel, with three large grass fields 40m x 65m 

Balls and bibs supplied on the night



Game start

Games should start on and end on allotted time. If a game starts late, best efforts will be made to play the full game time.


On field

  1. All teams must have matching jerseys and socks (shin pads and long socks are required)
  2. Pass ins replace throw ins
  3. Opposition players must be 3m or more away from a pass in or kick off
  4. When the ball goes out the back of the field or when play is restarted after a save, goalkeepers must throw or roll the ball out from their hands to an outfield player. coming off an opposition player, the ball is played out by the goalkeeper from their hands. No AFL dropkicks from hands are permitted.
  5. A goal cannot be scored direct from a pass in, kick off or free kick (all free kicks are indirect). It must be touched prior to the ball being awarded a goal.
  6. No slide tackling. All slide tackles will result in a free kick.
  7. No off-side rule
  8. Teams can borrow up to 2 players to bring the team’s number to six to start a game. Once the team’s players arrive, the borrowed players must stop playing. In the case of AAW and O30s borrowed players must be from the lower division. Gaming of rules can result in the game being allocated as a forfeit with 3-0 points awarded against the infringing team.
  9. Unlimited rolling substitutes can be made. The player entering the field must wait until the player they are replacing leaves the field before they enter the pitch.


Competition ranking

The following will be used when determining the ranking of Teams within each Competition:

  1. Greater number of points obtained in season matches

If two or more teams are equal on the basis of the above criteria, their place will be determined as follows:

  1. Greater goal difference resulting from season matches
  2. Greater goals scored from all season matches
  3. Greater number of points obtained between the Teams concerned (head to head)
  4. Greater number of goals scored in matches between the two teams concerned.


Competition Points

Points will be allocated as follows for all matches:

  • Win – 3 points;
  • Draw – 1 point each Team;
  • Bye – No points;
  • Loss – No points; or
  • Forfeit – 3 points to the Team receiving the forfeit.


Finals format

  • All teams play for placement (1 v 2, 3 v 4, 5 v 6)



Submit an expression of interest and get your uniform sorted right now! 

Apply Now

  1. Create your team name
  2. List your squad of between eight and 10 players
  3. Indicate your team colours for shirt, shorts and socks (teams supply their own kit)

It’s that easy. 


Fees are for 10 rounds plus final week:

  • Junior and Senior Teams – Register costs $1,250 per team entry.

Teams can transfer the payment into the Leichhardt Saints bank account, Bendigo bank,  BSB 633-000, Account Number 129615134, including your team name in the details.

King George Park Summer Soccer is well-run, great fun and the ideal opportunity to get together and get fit.

Register today!